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Persons Known ( this is a message to .... )

You Know Who You Are

Wednesday May 29 2024~~~If this is not today's date, refresh page for updated version.

This is a message to persons unknown
Persons in hiding, persons unknown
Survival in silence isn't good enough no more
Keeping your mouth shut, head in the sand
Terrorists and saboteurs each and every one of us
Hiding in shadows, persons unknown

Hey there Mr average you don't exist, you never did
Habits of hiding soon will be the death of us
Dying in secret from poisons unknown

This is a message to persons unknown
Strangers and passers-by, persons unknown
Turning a blind eye, hope to go unrecognized
Keeping your secrets, persons unknown

Judges with prejudice
Policemen deal dirty tricks
To persons unknown

Flesh and blood is who we are
Flesh and blood is what we are
Our cover is blown

Don't you know what it means when you hear the pain in a song ?
I know what it means when you walk away when i sing my song
I've got nothing to gain and nothing to lose and what you're doing is wrong

If you could just see the beauty
These things i could never describe

You to me are
The sorrow of tomorrow

Your petty prejudices
Will again push you into maliciousness

The children all play clever games, the grown-up's give them clever names
Turn them all from very young on to the drug competition
Feed them t.v. every day, teach them just how they should play
Then for the ones that start to stray, cut them off till they obey

If our little friend is not the type to want to have to stand and fight
The bully boys will pick upon the lonely little kid
The grown-up's will look hard and long, then say he's got two feet he can stand on
They never like the sickly ones, the boisterous ones are much more fun

He'll find it hard to socialize
'Cos when he laughs or cries in the wrong place
He'll be chastised, an idiot to be despised

One step closer to the edge
I'm about to break

You fake it so much, you are beyond fake
Someday you will ache

Words sometimes don't seem to mean much
Feelings from the heart that have been distorted and mocked
Thrown around in the grand social circus

Up against the grey visionless robots who control our lives
The things that we have to offer sometimes seem so frail
As they plan destruction and gain respectability
We offer our creativity and are made outcasts
Why is it that the kind and gentle are subjected to violence and ridicule ?
Critics say that we are just naive anarchists
Hoping to discredit us with their labels and definitions

You're living in a world that you really hate
Reluctantly you take the bait

Money, Money, Money
What wretched inhumanity

Possession junkie, consumer slave, your objects are the subject of my contempt
Brush chromed trash, plastic wrap, my life and vision is worth more than that
Lusting for objects, man-made prefab, polyester lies
I don't need carrots dangled in front of my eyes

Avoidance of self is what it's all about, pretence and illusion to avoid who you are
Don't work on yourself just polish the car
Cheap glossy surface to cover up the lie, cheap easy answers to the what, where and why
No one really wants to get it all together, it's easier just to grab what you can
Everybody's going it hell for leather, building little castles in the sand

Hypocrisy, delusion, lies, pretence and deceit
Think only of yourself and the world's at your feet
Well i don't believe the things you say, you defile the truth
The game you play's offensive and your life's the living proof

With your painted faces and elegant style
As you decorate your lifestyle with cheap consumer bliss
How about trying to think for a while ?

You have this life, what for ?, tell me
Spend it on trash, your ignorance appals me
You serve me your morals, changed for a fiver
Upright citizen, porn subscriber
You won't print the word, but you'll beat up the wife
In your ignorant, arrogant, terminal life

You have this life, you deprive me of mine
With your twisted imbalanced idea of sin
Revolves around money, how much are you bought for ?
A tenner, a fiver, is that what your caught for ?

I'm sick of your pride, you think you can rule me
With your crappy judgements from your respectable majority
Majority of what ?, you self oppressed idiots
i'm not going to carry you, i'm no compatriot

How many times do i excuse and forgive the damage inflicted by the way that you live ?
I hold my vision against your oppression, your final defence, your only possession
I'll show you the blood, but you still point the gun
If the money's enough, or can you show you're a man

You have this life, twist and abuse it, morals, money and media controls it
Can't you see the dead children, blood in the street ?
Every fist that you raise is a corpse at your feet
Every time that you are bought, i don't care the amount
You are the rapist dealing in death count
And you do this with mercenary morals, you trash
You've been told about dignity, down in the pit
Respectable working man, honourable wife
A waste of energy and an insult to life

You talk a lot
But, you're not saying anything

Making compromises, brave fronts, deceitful disguises
Turning a blind eye to lies, just to keep it all together
What do you know, what do you care ?

Smiling and socialising, endless philosophising
Surface agreements, statements of fact
What do you know, what do you care ?

Bargains and sacrifices, cheap tricks, cheaper devices
Holding the vision, losing the sight
What do you know, what do you care ?

Sometimes i wonder whether it's worth it
I wonder who can see through it
Endlessly searching solution
I wonder how much is just institution
When i'm alone like this
What do you know, what do you care ?

I thought by now you'd realize
There is no way to hide your lying eyes

What space is there for self-expression and development ?
When over half of the world's population is starving
There are so many things that need to be done
But for the sighing and dying of our world
But for the suffering
We would be part of it rather than apart from it

System, system, system, death in life
System, system, system, the surgeons knife
System, system, system, hacking at the cord
System, system, system, a child is born

Poor little sucker, poor little kid
Never asked for life, no she never did
Poor little baby, poor little mite
Crying out for food as her parents fight

Send him to school, force him to crawl
Teach him how to cheat, kick him off his feet
Poor little schoolboy, poor little lad
They'll pat him if he's good, beat him if he's bad
Poor little kiddy, poor little chap
They'll force feed his mind with their useless scrap

They'll teach her how to cook, teach her how to look
Create another victim, teach her all the tricks
Poor little girly, poor little filly
They'll screw her mind so they can screw her silly

He's grown to be a man, he's been taught to fit the plan
Forty years of jobs, pushing buttons, pulling knobs
Poor sucker worker, poor little serf
Working like a mule for half of what he's worth
Poor sucker grafter, poor little gent
Working for the cash that he's already spent

He's selling his life, she's his loyal wife
Timid as a mouse, she's got her little house
He's got his little car and they share the cocktail bars
She likes to cook his meals, you know, something that appeals
Sometimes he works till late so his supper has to wait
But she doesn't really mind, 'cos he's getting overtime
He likes to put a bit away just for that rainy day
'Cos every little counts as the cost of living mounts

Then they'd take a trip abroad, do all the things they can't afford
She'd really like to have a fur, he'd like a bigger car
They could buy a bungalow with a georgian door for show
He might think of leaving work, but no, he wouldn't like to shirk
He'd much prefer to stay and get his honest day's pay
He's got a life of work ahead, there's no rest for the dead
She's tried to make it nice, he's said thank you once or twice

Deprived of any hope, taught they couldn't cope
Slaves right from the start, till death do them part
Poor little suckers, what a sorry pair
Had their lives stolen, but they didn't really care
Poor little darlings, just your ordinary folks
Victims of the system and it's cruel jokes

The couple views the wreckage and dreams of home sweet home
They'd almost paid the mortgage
Then the system dropped it's bomb

Millions of people in the factories and offices
Aware there's something missing, living with their losses
There's no fight to get to where they'd want to be
Only the acceptance of dependency
Wait in the shop for what you ain't got
Lying on the beaches for the social elite
Fear, guilt, abuse, love and moral truth
War in your bedroom, bodies in the fridge
Domestic violence, the tomb you dig

You try so hard to please the teacher, play it straight and toe the line
You try so hard to win their favour
But it's just a bore, a waste of time
You wanted something from your teachers
Something real that's worth your time
But they let you down, they taught you failure

You sit at the back to cheat the teacher
They've got you now and they want your future
So you go on the run to steal back some time
Kids from before you can remember
Were chained to their desks but what's the crime
They broke the locks, escaped the numbers
Bunking off to find some pride
You meet your mates out of sight
Disobey, it's the basic right

You go where you go, so they can't get you
Rush the streets like running water
Remember what it's like to feel alive

Trapped all day behind a window
Trained to work from nine to five
Taught to feel you're just a number
Forget what it's like to feel alive
Your body's trapped and they waste your mind

So you jump the wall and break for freedom
Where the air is fresh and the sky is high
You roam the streets and laugh for pleasure
Go where you can for love and laughter
Remember what it's like to feel alive

They tell you to do it, grow up and toe the line
They tell you if you do it, everything will turn out fine
Oh yes, what a wonderful life, god, queen and country
Colour telly, car and wife
It's great if you can do it, doesn't take a lot
Just means you must destroy what sensitivity you've got
Well that's an easy bargain for the things you're going to get
You can treat the wife like trash, own a car, a telly set
Slip off in the evenings for a little on the sly
If the wife complains, take her first and then black her eye

Passive observers there's no point just mouthing the words
Shock slogans and token tantrums just aren't enough

Why should we accept servility as a bargain for dignity ?
Why should we passively accept death as a bargain for living ?
Why accept this robbery of life, why accept this pillage ?
The rights of the individual are dependent upon you realising
Your rights as an individual
People are so easily deluded thinking they have instrumented choice
When in reality they're nothing but passive observers

Passive observers do nothing but soak up creativity and say
"Wow, this is me"
Passively soak up destruction and say
"Oh no, not us, not me"

There are those who strive for value and meaning
Who search for reason and purpose
Their efforts are negated by the passive observers
Who are too easily forced into tokenism
Making hollow gestures aginst the wheels of the juggernaut

Passive observers offer nothing but decay
How easy it is to simply not bother

For Life, Love, Peace, Justice and Truth.

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