World According To Manchesterpaul

Religion ( man-made death, hate & oppression )

I'll Neither Live Nor Die For Your Dreams
I'll Make No Subscription To Your Paradise

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The cause of oppression from birth through to death, varying in it's severity depending on the particular faith.

The source of hatred and distrust between people from generation to generation.

The death of MILLIONS, past, present and future in countless wars.

I'm not saying that a God does not exist. However, one thing is clear, religion is man-made and more to the point - manipulated. As with the little nursery style ditty below (deliberately simplistic in it's wording, you need to hear the guitar and drums to appreciate the effect). I don't go to church, or follow the faith i was GEOGRAPHICALLY born into. Yet, i remain pretty confident that if they exist and whatever forms 'heaven' and 'hell' take, the fact that i live my life the way i do should guarantee my inclusion in the more desirable of the two.

Get it out of your head
You've been misled
You've been taught wrong
Sacred ?, not your song

Does Buddah make you shudda, or is it the Holy Ghost ?
Just who is the host with the most ?
Praise be to Allah, i don't think so
It's praise be to me, to you

You can't do this if you're a Hindu
You can't do that if you're a Jew
It's just as grim for a Muslim
If you're not in, you're living in sin

They say that the killing is for Islam
And in the name of the Father, and of the Son
Centuries of hate and oppression, why ?, religion
Murder and maiming, in the name of Gods it's done

Religious rituals so insane
Sacrificed animals die in terror and pain
Can you really not see that all life is sacred ?
What God would want a life dead ?

If i was a God wouldn't want you to bow or praise
I'd hope you'd love and respect all others, every race
That's how i live my life, you see
It's how you treat others, that's the key

I don't go to church, i don't kneel or pray
But my heart and deeds are good, every day
So i'm more likely to be up to your 'heaven' sent
While you dwell in 'hell', 'cos of the way your life was spent

Keep your habitual rituals
They're just man-made rules
Don't look down on me
It's not only the blind can't see
It's billions of fools

The sickness of war, the men gone before, good luck and god speed you away
I am not he, nor master, nor lord, no crown to wear no cross to bear in stations
I am not he nor shall be, warlord of nations
These heroes that have run before me, now dead upon the flesh piles, see
Waiting for their promised resurrection, there is none
Nothing but the marker, crown or cross, in stone upon these graves
Promise of the ribbon was all it took, where only the strap would leave it's mark upon these slaves
What flag to thrust into this flesh ?, rag, bandage in their flowing death
Taken aside they were pointed a way, for God, queen and country, now in silence they lie
They ran before masters, these children of sorrow, as slaves to that trilogy
They had no future, they believed in democracy, freedom of speech
Yet dead on the flesh piles, i hear no breath
I hear no hope, no whisper of faith
From those that have died for some others privilege
Out from your palaces, princes and queens
Out from your churches, you clergy, you christs

Hello, hello, hello, this is the lord god can you hear ?
Hellfire and damnation's what i've got for you down there
On earth i have ambassadors, archbishops, vicar, pope
We'll blind you with morality, you'd best abandon any hope
We're telling you you'd better pray, because you were born in sin
Right from the start we'll build a cell, and then we'll lock you in
We sit in holy judgement condemning those that stray
We offer our forgiveness, but first we'll make you pay

For Life, Love, Peace, Justice and Truth.

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