World According To Manchesterpaul

T.V. & Media Junkies ( false gods & dead slaves )

Lost In Drab Confusion, Was It Fiction ?, Was It Fact ?
Softly, Softly Into your Life

Feeding Itself On The You, You'll Never Know

Wednesday May 29 2024~~~If this is not today's date, refresh page for updated version.

Turn on the t.v., turn down your pulse
Time for one last ride before the end of it all

Switch on the set light up the screen
Fantasise and dream about what you might have been
Your life's reduced to nothing but an empty media game
Can't switch off big brother, they've lost all will to act

Another bullet slays another child
But no one's really bothered, no, the telly keeps them mild
They've lost all sense of feeling to the ever hungry glow
Drained of any substance by the vicious telly blow
No longer know what's real or isn't, slowly going blind
They stare into the goggle box while the world goes by behind
Deeper and deeper, layer upon layer
Illusion, confusion, is there anyone left who can care ?

A thousand camera lenses point at the peoples pain
As millions of mindless morons watch the action replay again
Boring sick serials to drive you round the bend
Hiding the truth you lack right to your end
Programmes for the kids, programmes for you
Make every home like a prison or a zoo
Media drivel yet you still watch the screen
Life isn't for real it's a magazine
Conned from the start but hang on to the lies
You're a slave to the cathode ray paradise
You don't want the world, you just want the pics
Media junkies you'd die for a fix

Don't want a life of lies and pretence
Just want my own life i want to be free
So you can be you and i can be me
I'm tired of deceit, going to put up a fight
I'm going to use my own eyes, make my own decisions
Live my own life

Spending days in front of the t.v. set, so burned out
Is it any wonder they've lost all sense of vision and possibility ?
Television is today's Nuremburg
Bowing to it's authority, they become it
Four-year old children conform to media roles
Mainlining the theatre that will become their lives

The television has dampened peoples anger
The population is mesmerised by the flickering screen
The streets where the politics of reality were once created are deserted by night, as the leaders sleep secure
They are under no threat, so long as the people are sedated
Entertainment, to gloss over the real problems

What's this crawling from the gutter ?
Black and white, an awful mess
To insult intelligence
In the name of the free press
With their bigoted point of view
How can we believe it's true ?

Always quick to criticize, but not so quick to think
About the damage they cause with simple printer's ink
Spreading filthy rumors around, can't fight back or utter a sound
We have no right of reply, we don't get a chance to answer
They don't even try to ask us, we have no right of reply

Newspaper editors' take your farce
Roll it up and shove it, make yourself scarce
There's one sun that doesn't shine
Without you here the weather is fine
You wallow in sex and scandal
With page 3 breasts, almost real
Go on, have a touch, have a feel

You say you're for the people, well that's a laugh
I won't ever, have you leading me up your garden path

What kind of deluded idiots
Think they can silence others by denying them of their voice ?
Who are these lobotomists ?

Denied access to the airways
We rely on word of mouth to carry what we say
Confiding in each other
Whispered intimacies might not get through
But cries of anguish know no boundaries

We look for alternatives
But the enormous power of the media makes it difficult to establish foundations
Their lies and distortions are so extreme that everything becomes corrupted and poisoned
Intelligence seems so easily dismissed when it doesn't conform to mainstream values
Social inclusion merely requires agreement and compromise

Any information we receive concerning the real world is carefully controlled
Why else would fiction have such licence ?
We are allowed to see endless theatrical deaths
But when the real deaths start in times of war
Government censors prevent us from seeing them
We are given the reason of national security
By the liars who are only interested in saving their political skins
It doesn't matter to them how many die
So long as their popularity ratings don't suffer
For that reason alone we are shielded from the truth

While the real violence is kept from us
We are exposed to constant pantomines of death and destruction
These people are rightly aware that if we had access to the real facts
Many more of us would rise up to act
At home we are fed fabrications of our glorious war
Truth that filters out later, paints a very different picture

There's a new band every week
A new way to move your feet
New sounds to thrill your ears
Same old chords, dressed up words
New attitudes, brand new stance
Different steps but the same old dance
New ways, but in the end
It's a new way to make you spend

The media cares because the media knows
Fashions come and fashions go

Exclusive clubs where the various tribes gather
Congratulating each other for doing nothing at all
Achieving nothing but the strengthening of the status quo
Uniform hair and uniform clothes
Predictable gestures, nouveau wasters
A thousand empty stages wait for the empty performances
A thousand empty faces wait for the empty stances

Identities have become corporations
Social ego's and media moulds
Are you really so dumb, so cowered into submission
That not only are you prepared to eat trash
You're prepared to pay for the privilege ?

State control and rock and roll are run by clever men
All you get to know is what they choose to show

For Life, Love, Peace, Justice and Truth.

Flow Back To The Heart